Specialty Shows

Belgian Tervuren Club Of Southern California

 Thursday and Friday, January 4th and 5th, 2024 

39th and 40th Specialty Shows

Hosted by the Kennel Club of Palm Springs

Save the date! We're looking forward to the

  gathering of our Terv Community in Palm Springs! 

Specialty Show, Puppy Sweepstakes, Working Sweepstakes, Veteran Sweepstakes and

 Junior Showmanship



Leslie Webb-Tinsley  -  Thursday Specialty & Jr. Showmanship

Stephen Cabral - Thursday Puppy, Veteran and Working Sweepstakes 

John Wade – Friday Specialty & Jr. Showmanship

 Carrie De Young - Friday Puppy, Veteran and Working Sweepstakes 


Entries Close:  NOON PT Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

Premium and online entries:  www.jbradshaw.com

Download Premium file

Show Chair:

EveLynn McGuinness   piafherds@earthlink.net   cell: 818-903-5156